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Understanding the Role of Dentists - Dental Health 101
Dental and facial irregularities such as jaw growth problems, protruding teeth, and crowding of teeth need to be treated by a dentist with specialization in this area, particularly, a dentist. To become a dentist, one must complete a dental residency program after finishing a college degree and dental school.Why is dentistry important?Dentistry became a specialty since the …
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Nothing ever beats a radiant smile. Not only is it able to brighten up other people’s day, but it’s an opportunity to show off good dental health. Our teeth are very significant, and our daily lives would be greatly impacted without their proper function. In fact, the very first step of the digestive process is mechanical digestion, which is performed by—you guessed it!—our tee …
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If you are considering or currently undergoing Invisalign treatment, you’ve been told that at the very least, you should be wearing the aligners for 22 hours each day. That includes time spent sleeping. While it may seem like an absurd amount of time, maximizing time spent wearing your aligners will help make your treatment go much more smoothly.One notable difference between m …
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Having healthy teeth is not only for appearance purposes. If you have unhealthy teeth, you may, later on, suffer from problems, such as jaw pain and teeth grinding. If you have misaligned teeth, it will be harder for you to floss or even to brush your teeth. This might lead to difficulty in speaking and eating.Having braces is the best option to have straighter teeth. However, …
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If you’re coming into a dentist’s office to get your teeth straightened, you might be offered what is called an Invisalign treatment. While its primary purpose is to help straighten teeth, it’s a far cry from the traditional use of metal brackets for teeth straightening. It uses a near-invisible set of plates to slowly push your teeth into place—but its “invisible” nature isn’t …
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