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Ever since the beginning of hygiene in human history, we’ve known all there is to understand about keeping our mouths as clean as possible and free of germs.From understanding the rule of brushing after every meal to picking out the best type of toothpaste for your oral health, the assortment of different factors to consider when keeping up with dental hygiene is endless. While …
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There is nothing more painful, inconvenient, and disruptive than having a badly decayed or infected tooth. When confronted with this problem, the chances are that you may experience a toothache. If left unattended for a long period, however, this minor discomfort can lead to missing teeth or even gum diseases.The good thing is that the root canal treatment has been introduced i …
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When it comes to the factors that impact your dental health, most people often overlook the role hormones play. Women, in particular, experience hormonal changes that can put your health in haywire - from the mood down to the state of your gums.Most are unaware of how hormones and oral health are linked, so understanding its connection and how your habits impact women’s sensiti …
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The numerous at-home teeth whitening products in the market are how brands market the image of having perfectly white teeth. Because of this, many consumers are becoming more conscious about the whiteness of their teeth. Although there are many commercial solutions available, not many people are familiar with how people experience teeth staining in the first place.The truth abo …
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Although the dental industry has been around for years, there's a large group of people who are afraid of getting dental work done. It's not only kids who are fearful of dental procedures because even older ones are seen to run away from the clinic. Think of all the tools and apparatuses used and the idea of having your mouth wide open for many minutes. Whether it's a tooth ext …
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