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Teeth whitening is a process that helps to remove stains from your teeth. These stains can be caused by different things, whether from drinking coffee, smoking, or drinking wine or juice. We can also get stains from eating certain foods such as berries.The whitening process involves a peroxide-based bleaching agent, which is applied to the teeth and hardened by the use of light …
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Do you notice that you have bad breath? Did someone else tell you that your breath stinks? Well, there can be many causes to it. It can be the food you eat or some mouth-related disease. Regardless, just because you have bad breath doesn't mean you're stuck with it forever!That said, did you know that there are certain foods you can eat that can help you fight bad breath? There …
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Flashing a bright smile is the best way to create an excellent first impression on anyone. For this reason, many people go to great lengths to ensure that their teeth look perfect. However, dental problems can still arise at any moment, no matter how well taken care of our teeth are. One excellent example of this is wisdom teeth growth.Wisdom teeth are located deep in the back …
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Whenever your teeth experience some sort of crack or severe cavity, you may opt to choose a dental treatment that will ensure that you will still be able to show off your pearly whites, given that you have enough time to recover from the procedure.One of the methods to achieve this would be through the help of dental implants.You might be apprehensive about it, given that there …
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Despite the name, wisdom teeth do not make you wise. They don’t actually do much of anything. If they are placed in the wrong position in your mouth, they can even cause severe problems. In many cases, it is just better to remove them ahead of time. While it may not be high on your to-do list now, this procedure is actually fairly common and often necessary. Find out why you ma …
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