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Have you been thinking about teeth straightening alternatives and would like to learn more about Invisalign? Invisalign is an orthodontic procedure that straightens teeth without brackets and wires, which are common in conventional braces. When we have questions concerning our teeth, we usually ask our dentist what we should do. Sometimes we don't get all of the answers we seek …
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Considering that Invisalign treatment can be pretty expensive, you might be wondering if you should continue to use the old trays even after you're done with your treatment.Before Dental House MI addresses that and other questions you might have about your used Invisalign trays, let's first talk about the reasons you might want to hold on to your old trays:You Want to Make the …
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Invisalign is one of the best innovations in dentistry today. These clear aligners are tailored for each person's case and will fit your mouth just right to help get the necessary results. That said, there can still be some issues if the fabricated pieces are not completely aligned or smooth enough for the patient.Smoothen Your AlignersSome patients have found success in filing …
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Invisaligns are thin, transparent dental tools that appear as invisible plastic aligners. They are used for the successful correction of the tooth’s position.This technique is found to be simple, effective, and durable and has grown more popular every year. Hundreds of Invisalign patients boast about its success.However, if there's one thing you shouldn't be afraid to splurge o …
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Your dream of perfect teeth and a bright smile is something you can quickly achieve with braces. However, which type should you go for? Though many people are fine with regular metal braces, others can’t handle the pain and long-term maintenance of going this route. So, you are left with two options: Invisalign braces or mail-order braces.But which one is better for you, and ho …
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