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Out of all the dentist horror stories you’ve ever heard, chances are that nothing else gets your teeth tingling like the thought of a root canal.The problem with root canal infections is that they’re hard to spot and even harder to act on because there are cases that don’t require intensive treatment and others that do. Root canal infections are rather complex. The symptoms tha …
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Dental health: you’ve probably heard of this term more often than you’d like, but it’s definitely held in high importance for all the right reasons. While most people think of a great smile, white teeth, and fresh breath when it comes to impeccable dental health, there are actually many more reasons as to why you should take dental matters seriously.Many people think that maint …
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Raising a child is no small feat, especially when you consider the fact that there are so many things to worry about. There are new hurdles that come with every age. From changing diapers to handling tantrums, parenthood comes with a seemingly endless list of challenges that just never seem to really go away.While raising a kid can be downright exhausting, there’s one particula …
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Whether online, in magazines, or in pamphlets at your local clinic, you’ve probably run across quite a number of different ways to take care of your teeth. Although it may be common knowledge that having great oral health is essential for looking great, feeling better, and being in good shape, there’s one thing that may surprise you: you probably aren’t cleaning your teeth as w …
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Problems involving your teeth and gums may ultimately affect your heart, and the opposite is also true. This is because these two body parts are connected to and share the same bloodstream. However, the causes and mechanisms are inexact and may vary from one condition to another.Gum and teeth-related heart problemsOne well-documented heart condition that is strongly associated …
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