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DR Ramy Attalla DMD at Dental House in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti (Ypsi), Washtenaw, Michigan
Dr. Ramy Attalla DMDGeneral Dentist


Dr. Ramy Attalla received his DDS degree in 2001 from Cairo University in Egypt. Between 2001 and 2003 he completed a general practice residency for one year and completed another one-year program in advanced restorative and conservative dentistry. In 2004, he joined the field of private practice and in 2006 he received his first certificate in oral surgery and implant placement followed by a second one in 2007 for advanced periodontal surgical procedures.

In 2013, he joined an advanced St. program in General dentistry and in 2015 he received DMD degree from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, which is ranked as one of the top 10 universities nationwide. Dr. Attalla was awarded by the American Academy of Gold Foil operators for recognition of his outstanding achievements and proficiency in direct gold restoration

During the past 17 years he attended many continuing education courses and earned more than 360 credit hours in different dental branches. His resume is full of volunteer and community work.

In his professional and academic career, he joined many research programs and has been using their results in his daily clinical action. He is certified by the American Dental Association, the Egyptian Dental Association, the CDCA formally known as the NERB (North East Regional Board). Dr. Attalla is licensed as a general dentist in 3 different countries. In his free time, he likes to read and go fishing.

Dr Sadoon Kareef DMD at Dental House in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti (Ypsi), Washtenaw, Michigan
Dr. Sadoon Kareef DMDGeneral Dentist


Dr. Sadoon Kareef grew up in Baghdad, Iraq. He obtained his first DMD in Al-Mustansiriya University School of Dentistry in 2008 and until 2010 he did his general practice residency to obtain more comprehensive training in all fields of dentistry. Dr. Kareef moved to the United States, and in 2013 he joined the Advance Standing Program in general dentistry where he obtained his second dental degree from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, New Jersey.

Dr. Kareef has extensive experience and expertise in family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Kareef believes that everyone can have a bright and healthy smile. By working in the private practice field as an associate dentist for the past 3 years, he has made a difference in the quality of life for his patients as it relates to their oral health.

Dr. Kareef stays up-to-date on the latest advances and techniques in dentistry with memberships in the American Dental Association and Michigan Dental Association. He also attends several continuing education lectures.

Dr Sadoon Kareef DMD at Dental House in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti (Ypsi), Washtenaw, Michigan
Dr. Ishaq Alshrouf


Dr. AlShrouf is not your typical dentist. He started off with modest means. Both his parents immigrated to the U.S. The old world virtues of a simple life are evident to this day in his practice style and approach towards healthcare.
Dr. Shrouf is a distinguished dentist with multiple degrees hailing from New Jersey. He’s a graduate of Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. He received his Bachelor of Dental surgery (B.D.S) in January 2011. He completed his Endodontic Externship at Endodontics department, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. He continues to advance his education with the University of Michigan and being a part of the Mini implant center in Detroit.. He enjoys exploring the outdoors with his girlfriend. His favorite activities include skiing, Playing soccer, food-tasting, and cooking. One of his favorite recipes is pineapple steaks.
These experiences provided the cornerstones to the vision for Dental House Ann Arbor. Dr. AlShrouf wants patients to be able to have healthy smiles.

Dr Leslie Crowell DDS at Dental House in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti (Ypsi), Washtenaw, Michigan
Leslie D. Crowell-Powell DDSAssociate Dentist


Dr. Leslie Crowell-Powell not only enjoys her passion for Dentistry in helping those with Dental needs but enjoys family time with her two beautiful teenagers as well.
Dr. Leslie has been interested in “Teeth” for as long as she can remember and decided to pursue her career after high school as a dental assistant in a prestigious periodontal practice in Bloomfield Hills to work alongside the late Dr. Karl F. Lutomski. This is where her passion and interests for Dentistry blossomed. It was during this time that Dr. Leslie decided to pursue her career at the University of Michigan Dental school first graduating from the Dental Hygiene program in 1990 and finally from the Doctor of Dental Surgery program in 2004.
While in the Dental Hygiene and Doctor of Dental Surgery program, Dr. Leslie excelled in the periodontal programs along with a great interest in cosmetic Dentistry, where smiles were transformed and renewed through the Art of Dentistry!
In the 16 years that Dr. Leslie has been practicing dentistry, her knowledge base has increased due to her many different experiences thus far within the various Dental settings, providing her with a vast array of knowledge and solutions for each and every dental need.
As a patient in the care of one of our finest providers, we are confident that you will feel rest assured with answers to your Dental concerns in the hands of Dr. Leslie Crowell-Powell... come see the difference.


  • University of Michigan Dental School 1987-1990 "Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene"
  • University of Michigan Dental School 1999-2004 "Doctor of Dental Surgery"
  • Member of American Dental Association ADA
  • Member of Michigan Dental Association MDA

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