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A healthy smile is undoubtedly an essential asset for everyone. Your teeth help you grind and digest food, talk and speak articulately, and give form to your face. Besides the physiological benefits, your smile heavily influenced your confidence, social life, and relationships. Because of that, it is best to ensure our teeth stay healthy as long as possible.The month of May or …
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There's nothing inherently wrong with having crooked teeth. But sometimes, it can affect one's speech, chewing patterns, sleep, and even facial development, especially with children. Not only that, but crooked teeth can lead to a bevy of dental problems, including tooth decay and gum disease.If you have a child, you wouldn't want them to grow up with crooked teeth. Which is why …
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When you think of cavities, you immediately associate that with children. Because they are still learning good dental habits, children are prone to tooth decay. But people at all stages of life are at risk for many oral health problems.Adults, for example, are prone to certain dental conditions that children are mostly not at risk for. And most adults have had one tooth filling …
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Waiting for your braces to come off can be a momentous occasion--you cannot wait to see how different your smile would be, or how much easier it would be to eat again. However, keep in mind that you need to put in some maintenance for your newly-straightened smile. This is because your teeth are still getting used to their new positions, and you need to train them to stay where …
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Having healthy teeth is not only for appearance purposes. If you have unhealthy teeth, you may, later on, suffer from problems, such as jaw pain and teeth grinding. If you have misaligned teeth, it will be harder for you to floss or even to brush your teeth. This might lead to difficulty in speaking and eating.Having braces is the best option to have straighter teeth. However, …
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