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Invisalign is perhaps one of the most innovative breakthroughs in dental technology in recent years. The fact that you can correct crooked teeth without resorting to braces is a sigh of relief for many people. Despite all the benefits of using Invisalign, people still seem to be reluctant to have one installed for them. To dispel some of the doubt, here are some common question …
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Everyone wants to have an elegant and beautiful smile, but it seems impossible for a person who has missing teeth. Perhaps dentures will help them restore their smile, but would it be safe to raise the hopes of the people who have had missing teeth for a very long time?It is possible for people who have not had teeth for years to regain their precious smiles with dentures. But …
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It’s essential to take care of your teeth if you wish to achieve excellent oral health. That’s why dentists cannot stress enough how crucial it is to brush and floss your teeth and gums every day, or you will risk encountering bacteria and viruses that could cause a string of dental concerns.When missing a tooth or two is your concern, you could still achieve the perfect smile …
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Dental bridges fill the gap between healthy teeth after the middle tooth has been lost or removed. Bridging a gap aids in maintaining the performance of daily mouth functions, such as eating, speaking, and drinking. It is also a great solution to maintain the integrity of the patient’s jaw. For some patients, dental bridges are also great alternatives to dentures and dental imp …
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Whether you tripped and fell on the sidewalk, ate some hard peanut brittle, or grind your teeth too hard at night, a chipped or broken tooth is a dental issue that needs to be solved as quickly as possible. Aside from being uncomfortable and having an impact on your smile, chipping can become worse if not promptly addressed. If you’ve broken a tooth for any reason, make an appo …
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