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Going to the dentist at least twice a year for dental cleaning is highly recommended to keep your teeth healthy. However, for some people, cleaning can be a painful experience, which is why they tend to avoid it. Instead of evading a dental visit, it’s all the more reason that you should see your dentist. Otherwise, you may experience more severe pain when your teeth’s health t …
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When you undergo orthodontic treatment, your teeth may have white spots after the braces are removed. These white spots are areas of decalcification, which happened because bacterial acids have dissolved the enamel during the treatment. Usually, when this problem occurs during the treatment, your dentist can inform and advise you to brush your teeth better.Why do white spots ap …
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When was the last time you visited your dentist? You probably have lost count of the years if it has been quite a while. Perhaps you are even hesitating to step into your dentist’s clinic. However, if you are in pain, it is probably a big reason to visit your dentist after a long time.Don’t worry about what you think your dentist would think when they see your mouth. There shal …
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Healthy teeth give you a healthy smile, and who does not want want to flash a pearly white set of teeth? However, sometimes, in a bid to make teeth look clean, many people tend to overdo things. In the end, they cause more harm to their teeth than good.Here are some of the things you might be overdoing that can harm your teeth:1. Teeth whiteningMany people, if not everyone, wou …
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Have you ever gnashed your teeth? Maybe you did so while focusing during an important exam, or when you got angry with the traffic officer who gave you a ticket for running that red light. Or maybe you’ve been drinking too much coffee lately.Any of those situations will definitely make you grind your teeth. People usually grind their teeth unconsciously, but in some cases, they …
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