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You might be telling yourself right now that your dental hygiene habits are perfect, that you can keep following through with them to maintain your oral health. This may be the case for some people, but others might have habits that actually do more harm than good. In other words, they use bad brushing habits that actually ruin their oral health.Are you worried that you may be …
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People can often grow up with missing teeth because of an accident during their youth or overall dental hygiene negligence. Having a gap between teeth can often make people self-conscious, and not everyone will want to wear dentures or have bridges crafted to solve the issue. Affordable dentistry in Michigan is a popular option for those looking to find dental implants in Ann A …
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The world is increasingly embracing health-consciousness as the recent pandemic proves the importance of taking the extra steps to care for your daily well-being. While most are attempting to integrate the habit of washing their hands, not all think about the pivotal role good oral hygiene plays in boosting your overall health.Keeping the mouth free from bacteria can mitigate t …
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As the new year has just started, some people may already have written their plans and resolutions that they aim to achieve. When it comes to these, it’s mostly about kicking old habits and fostering new good ones. But what about your oral health? Have you thought about having good oral habits all year round? Fret not, as it’s not yet too late to include this in your plans and …
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Many people get affected by gum disease, especially since its symptoms often go unnoticed until a dentist spots them during an oral examination. According to a 2012 study conducted by the CDC, almost half of American adults who are over 30 years old are affected by gum disease. Because of this, you should be more strict about your oral hygiene to prevent this from happening to …
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