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Remember that day when you decided to get ice cream? The moment you took a bite, you felt a sudden pain. That means you might have tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity happens a lot when you’re eating food that is too cold or too hot.

If you experience tooth sensitivity way too often, you should schedule an appointment with your local dentist. Though some will resort to giving you medicinal solutions, it is good to know that there are ways to prevent tooth sensitivity from happening to you again.

Here are some causes and prevention tips for when you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity:

Watch what you eat

Food that is too cold or too hot is a significant factor in experiencing tooth sensitivity. When Dentin is exposed, the tiny nerves surrounding the dentin send signals to your brain telling you that your teeth need protection—that’s the pinch of pain you feel.

Food that is acidic damages your teeth’s enamel, therefore, exposing your dentin and decreases your dental protection. The same thing happens when you get acid reflux. The acid goes back up into your esophagus and damages the enamel of your teeth. Watch your diet and practice proper oral hygiene after every meal.

Poor oral hygiene

One other reason why you might be experiencing tooth sensitivity is that you could be damaging your teeth by using the wrong toothbrush. Using a toothbrush with hard bristles will ultimately damage your teeth and its protective coating. Also, brushing way too hard can be harmful. Choose the right toothbrush and be gentle with your teeth.
Moreover , there could be other reasons for your tooth sensitivity. Fractured or broken teeth with worn-out and missing fillings can contribute to your sensitivity. It is because liquids and particles can seep into the cracks of your teeth and cause significant discomfort. Moreover , Gum disease can expose the sensitive parts of your teeth, which can also contribute to your tooth sensitivity and oral pain.
To help treat your discomfort and prevent further oral pain due to tooth sensitivity, you must schedule an appointment with your dental house and get proper treatment.

Damage could be happening while you are sleeping

You could be damaging your teeth because of teeth grinding. Sleep bruxism is the clenching and grinding of your teeth while you are sleeping. Stress and anxiety could be a leading cause. It’s a good idea to speak to your doctor if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms.


Experiencing tooth sensitivity can be a hassle and it could ruin your day. Taking precautionary steps to prevent it from happening can do wonders for you on the long run. It’s always a good idea to schedule regular appointments with your local dentist to get proper oral treatment and advice. Taking care of your oral health will help you to enjoy your next cup of delicious ice cream. 

Dental House MI is a premium dental house in Ann Arbor and Waterford, MI. We have a team of expert dentists that can help you with your oral needs. We also offer premium dental services, dentures, implants, and dental insurance. Schedule an appointment with us today!

One of the most common fears among adults is going to the dentist. For some people, this fear might result from a prior bad experience. For others, it could be because of how the media depicts dentistry in general.
With the coronavirus pandemic still raging on, dental anxiety has become even more widespread and complicated. People now have to worry about possibly contracting the virus when they come in for treatment.
Nevertheless, such fear cannot prevent us from ever visiting the dentist. By not visiting the dentist regularly, we put our teeth at greater risk of developing problems that can translate into more adverse outcomes. With this in mind, how can you overcome dental anxiety during the pandemic to get the treatment you deserve?

1. Plan your appointment
One of the biggest causes of any dental fear or anxiety is the lack of preparation. When you leave things up to chance, you become more afraid of the possibility that they can go wrong. To fix this, plan your appointment as thoroughly as possible. This can include setting a date for the dental appointment, gathering your protective gear and insurance documents, and brushing up on hygiene and safety practices.

When you take control of a situation, you will put yourself in a frame of mind where doubt and fear cannot take over. Plus, you will be able to reduce the risk of catching the virus during your dental trip, helping to calm your mind.

2. Follow the protocols
With the pandemic ravaging the world, many countries have set up protocols to limit the spread of the virus. These protocols include social distancing, frequent hand washing, and wearing protective equipment.
Educate yourself about the protocols and strictly follow them. By knowing how you can keep yourself safe during your dental appointment, you will feel more assured in the process.

3. Wear protective gear
By wearing protective gear when you head out for your dental appointment, you will feel less scared of catching the virus and reduce the overall anxiety of visiting your dentist.
The protective gear you should be wearing includes but limited to : face mask, face shield and gloves. Its always a good idea to have disinfectant sprays or wipes to wipe your items down.

4. Talk with your dentist
If your biggest worry is the dental procedure itself, then do not be afraid to talk about it with your dentist. That way, they can give you answers to all the questions and calm you down.
Also, when the dentist does ask questions about you, such as travel history, you should answer them truthfully. That way, they can identify the risk factors of having the virus as well as understand how to treat you while minimizing the chances of infection.


To summarize, the more prepared you are for your dental appointment, the more confident you will become. Remember to

Wear protective equipment and speak with your dentist to help put your mind at ease. That way, you stand a higher chance of receiving the treatment that you need to keep your oral and overall health in excellent condition.
Are you looking for affordable dentistry in Waterford? Dental House MI is here to help you out! Whether you need a new set of dentures or are looking for dental implants, we can give you the excellent services that you deserve . Reach out to us today!

Trips to the dentists can be traumatic for many families, especially for children. Even if parents manage to set up an appointment, treatment becomes impossible when your child is screaming their heads off. The pain of their first tooth extraction or simply being strapped into the dentist’s chair can trigger negative emotions.
The solution? Painless dentistry services! These are great for children and even adults who are not comfortable with going to the dentist. These services are not only pain-free, but they can be more effective and efficient. This is all possible thanks to advancements in dental technology and modern medicine.
This article discusses the available services and benefits of pain- free dentistry. The goal is to help you alleviate the stress of feeling pain or anxiety during a visit to the clinic (either for yourself or your own child). In fact, you may want to look into the list of pain- free services before you consider calling your family dentist again for a consultation.

Pain-Free Dentistry: Is It Expensive?
Before looking into the different pain-free services, first we need to debunk this common myth: all pain-free dentistry services are expensive because of the workaround compared to traditional ones.
The fact of the matter is that you can get affordable dentistry without the pain! This is largely because of the prominence of new dental technology. You see, as these new tools are becoming standardized in every American dental clinic, they are becoming more available and thus cheaper than they were before.
The expense of pain-free dentistry can depend on other fees such as clinical operating costs and the complexity of the procedure needed to fix your teeth.
Yes, pain-free, affordable dentistry is possible! You just need to keep your eyes peeled for discounts and special offers so that your spending is also pain-free!

Different Pain-Free Dentistry Services
Now that we have debunked the common myth for pain-free dentistry, it’s time to see the common options that you can have for your next appointment. Your dentist may have these or other pain-free services that can just be as effective! Take note of the following and ask whether they are possible for your next visit: 

Laughing Gas: This is one of the more popular items used in dentistry—even old-time cartoons know about it! Laughing gas is also known as nitrous oxide. It effectively helps the patient calm down and sit comfortably before the treatment. You inhale the gas and enter a state of euphoria or literally let out some laughs. This will effectively disconnect you from feeling any dental pain.

Lasers: As futuristic as it may sound, laser dentistry has been commonly associated with more soft tissue procedures or gum treatment. There are now more advanced lasers for dental procedures, which are significantly less painful but just as effective!

Benefits of Pain-Free Dentistry
Now that you have been made aware of the different services available, it’s important for you to understand their benefits. They are most associated with the holistic experience of your appointment and how you can keep your dental health in check without the pain: 

Effective Dental Care: No pain, no gain? Not true for pain- free dentistry! Gone are the days of cowering behind the dentist chair because now the reason to be anxious is gone —plus, your teeth can be worked on properly!

Strong Dentist-Patient Family Relationship: The pain-free experience also allows you to have a stronger bond with your family dentist, compared to the sweaty handshakes and awkward conversations with the ones who insist on dentally hurting you!

More Convenient and Easy Appointments: You no longer have to drag your feet or bribe your child into going to the dentist. It’s easy to dip in and out of the clinic so that you can simply enjoy your weekend doing other family activities! 


Affordable, pain-free dentistry is no longer a daydream, so make that confident appointment call today and willingly surrender yourself to your family dentist. Remember, there won’t be any pain that you’ll need to endure!
Are you in need of a local dentist in Waterford and Ann Arbor? We’ve got professional and affordable dentistry services just for you! Get your teeth cleaned and healthy by booking an appointment with us!

Thanks to advanced technology, you no longer have to worry about your missing teeth because they can be replaced immediately. With dental implants, you’re never more than a procedure away from your best smile.
That being said, some people think that dental implants are costly and they require a lot of maintenance. However, the truth is that dental implants are a fantastic investment. Here’s why:

1. It’s Cost-Effective 

Dental implants may seem expensive at first, but if you think about it, they are a cost-effective dental treatment since they usually last a lifetime. Traditional dentures, on the other hand, must be replaced every five to seven years, and bridges need to be replaced after ten to twenty years.
Dental implants are also easy to maintain because you don’t have to worry about specific cleaning requirements and threaders. There’s also little to no risk that they’ll break.
You can also get dental implants through insurance options and payment plans that will allow you to gradually pay for the treatment. Keep in mind that when dental implants are already in place, you no longer need any additional treatment. 

2. Its Prices Are Now Lower than ever

The cost of dental implants has significantly gone lower due to the increase in its popularity. Due to the demand, dentists can now buy materials in bulk for relatively less money and pass on those savings to you.

Other necessary procedures, such as screenings and lab work, are often done in-house at the dental facility, which means patients no longer need to seek expensive specialists.

3. It Gives a Boost in Confidence and Health

Dental implants function like natural teeth. If you have been feeling low because of your missing teeth, dental implants let you get your teeth back and enjoy a better smile.
Apart from boosting your confidence, dental implants can also help you in terms of nutrition. Unlike traditional dentures, having them won’t restrict you from any type of food, which means you can eat what you like and maintain a balanced diet.

4. It Protects Your Jawbone

Missing teeth affect the jawbone and could even lead to deterioration when the teeth are not replaced right away. The jaw requires constant stimulation to remain healthy and maintain its mass. When a tooth is lost, this stimulation is significantly reduced, which can weaken the bones.
Since dental implants function like natural teeth, they can stimulate the jawbone and protect it. The titanium root of the implants fuses with the bone, which then leads to bone stimulation and growth.

5. It Can Be Maintained Easily

One of the reasons dental implants are popular these days is that they don’t require high levels of maintenance. Dental implants don’t require special adhesives because they will not slip or slide under any circumstances. You also don’t need to remove them when you’re brushing your teeth.
These are the reasons dental implants are an excellent investment. If you have missing teeth, why not go for dental

implants that work like natural teeth instead of going for traditional dentures? All you need to do is find the right dentist in your area who will suit your needs.
Get your dental implants from a trusted  dentist in Ann Arbor & Waterford, MI. Dental House MI offers quality dental treatments that will not break the bank. Give us a call today to set an appointment.

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