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Even with a teeth-cleaning regime, you may still find yourself in need of dental services now and then. If you're a big fan of drinking energy drinks, that might be the problem. While they'll give you that fix you need to continue with your daily activities, they're not good news for your teeth.

Energy Drinks Are Bad for Your Teeth

Here's why cutting down on energy drinks will reduce your reliance on dental services: you cut down on the acids that'll degrade your teeth.

There are many drinks out there that are acidic. As a base for comparison, water sits at a pH level of 7, which is neutral. Any lower than 7, the substance is acidic, while a higher number would be considered alkaline.

With that said, there are many drinks out there you're drinking that are considered acidic. For example, orange juice sits at a pH level of 3.8, whereas coffee sits at 4. Coca-Cola is much lower than the two, at a 2.3 pH level. The acid that's found in your stomach is at 1.0, which is like the acid found in your car battery. What about energy drinks? They are at around 2.3 as well, the same as the Coca-Cola drink.

What does this mean? Well, if you love to drink energy drinks, as well as sodas, your teeth are going to deteriorate due to the acidic substances.

How pH Levels Affect Your Teeth

When you drink an acidic substance, a demineralizing effect is experienced by your teeth, specifically the enamel.

While enamels are the hardest and strongest material to be found on the body, the consistent bombardment of acids can quickly deteriorate and compromise the strength of the enamel. In other words, the acidic substance removes the enamel from your teeth, and the sugar that's found in most energy drinks then does its job in breaking down your teeth.

Unfortunately, the problem doesn't stop there. For many that love to drink sodas and energy drinks, the bones found within the individual's body also get affected. The body pulls out minerals from the bones, such as calcium, to balance the acid. What's the result? The bones become weaker, meaning that they're more prone to breaking.

An Energy Fix without Energy Drinks

So, how do you enjoy the wonderful energy high from energy drinks without the negative side effects? There are many ways to do so, including natural ones.

Rather than taking in the harmful substance, opt for daily exercise, earlier sleep, increased water intake, and food packed with nutrition. These, while won't give you that energy kick on the get-go, will help to revitalize and re-energize your body. In the long run, you will enjoy a more active lifestyle without those low-energy moments that force you to rely on energy drinks to keep going.

If you do want to drink energy drinks, drink some water along with it. Not only will it help neutralize the acid but swirling it in the mouth helps keep your teeth safe from the acids, too.


Put simply, acidic drinks, such as energy drinks, damage the enamel of your teeth and allow the sugars to ruin your teeth. Not only that, but your body's skeleton is also deprived of its minerals to balance the acid found in the drinks, meaning that your bones become weaker.

Are you in need of dental care to check your teeth for any damages due to a high intake of sugary, acidic drinks in Ann Arbor or Waterford? We're right here for you! Get in touch with us today and make your appointment.

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