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It’s easy to overlook the health of your teeth until an oral problem arises that compromises your smile. Dental issues not only negatively impact your self-esteem, but it can cause a tidal wave of detrimental effects in more ways than one - from compromising your eating habits, developing speech problems, to facial changes.

Whether it is due to fracture, cavities, gum disease, missing teeth, and other oral issues, you may need to consider dental implants to fix your teeth and bring back the confidence behind your smile. With that in mind, here are the tell-tale signs that indicate you need dental implants:

Sign #1: Missing Teeth

Having gaps in your smile due to missing teeth is one of the primary reasons people undergo orthodontic procedures like dental implants. It can discourage smiling altogether for people struggling with tooth loss, but the worst effects gradually appear as the surrounding teeth shift due to the extra space.

Missing teeth can also change the structure of your space, while the big spaces in between leaves more room for bacteria to settle in and grow in your mouth. This can eventually lead to further complications with your dental health.

Sign #2: Bone Loss

Tooth loss not only compromises your cosmetic appeal, but it can also promote the growth of bacteria and other diseases that result in jaw bone loss. Many people opt for dentures as a temporary fix to tooth loss, but it can also contribute to bone loss, which would force you to undergo procedures involving bone grafts, sinus lifts, and other jaw reconstruction.

With that in mind, dental implants can mitigate the risk of weakening your bone as it can stimulate your bone tissue by helping it maintain a solid structure.

Sign #3: Eating or Speaking Problems

Beyond providing a picture-perfect smile, your teeth play a pivotal role in your daily functioning - from communicating, eating, and even digesting food. In that regard, tooth loss and other oral problems can impede these important functions in your mouth.

This will make it nearly impossible to talk properly and chew food, which is why going for dental implants is a must if your mouth is lacking a healthy set of teeth and gums.

Sign #4: Infections

Leaving your teeth problems unchecked can lead to a plethora of infections, especially when leftover food particles get stuck in various nooks and crannies of your teeth. One infected tooth can spread like wildfire, so be sure to visit your nearest dentist to replace it with a dental implant.

The Bottom Line: Filling the Gap in Your Stunning Smile

Many people are struggling with missing or infected teeth, most of which often ignore or replace with dentures. While dentures can provide a temporary solution, it can also contribute to a number of oral issues like bone loss and even trap food particles.

With that in mind, getting dental implants prove to be the safest and most effective way to fix your dental issues.

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