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Our teeth are used for chewing and grinding food for easier consumption, which is why they're considered integral body parts. For this reason, everyone is encouraged to take care of their teeth by brushing, flossing, and visiting their dentist. However, one can only do so much protection because the teeth can fall off.

When this happens, dentures are a recommended option. Dentures are false teeth worn to replace missing teeth and are usually made of plastic or porcelain. While dentures are highly effective, they're still made with artificial materials, meaning they're bound to break, which hinders their function. If left unchecked, broken dentures can cause gum irritation and soreness, worsening the problem. For this reason, one must know the signs when to get their dentures replaced, such as:

#1 - Feeling Loose or Falling Out

If you're wearing complete or partial dentures and feel them loosen or fall out sometimes, it's time to get new ones. Dentures are expected to fit snugly and comfortably. When they don't, it indicates something wrong with the fit. When this happens, you may need to get your dentures replaced.

For example, if your dentures fit perfectly fine at first but start to feel loose after some time, it's normal. Your mouth changes as you age, so you need to get new dentures.

#2 - Broken or Cracked Dentures

If your dentures are broken or cracked, you should get new ones. Dentures are made to last long, but they're not indestructible because they may break or crack if you drop them or accidentally sit on them. Otherwise, your dentures won't provide the support and comfort you need if damaged.

#3 - Denture Allergies

Many people think getting allergies from dentures is absurd, but it happens. This is because dentures are usually made of plastic or metal, and you may be allergic to one or both of these materials. You should see your dentist immediately if you experience any irritation or redness around your gums or mouth.

#4 - Visible Discoloration

If you notice your dentures are discolored, it's time to get new ones. You must keep your dentures clean, so don't try to clean them with harsh chemicals. Instead, use mild dish soap and brush it.

Alternatively, you can also soak your dentures in a cleaning solution overnight. This will help remove any tough stains and make them look good as new. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly before putting them back in your mouth.

#5 - Your Facial Appearance Has Changed

Our teeth play a crucial role in shaping our facial structure because of their placement and size. When you lose teeth, your face begins to change. It may sink in, making you look much older than you are.

If you've noticed your face is beginning to change, it's time to get new dentures. They will help support your facial muscles and keep your face looking young and healthy.

#6 - Gum Irritation

If you've been wearing dentures for a long time, you may have developed gum irritation. Over time, your gums will change and become irritated from the dentures. If you notice sores or redness, you may be due for a new set of dentures.

Types of Denture Materials

While it's worth knowing the signs you need to get new dentures, you should also know you'll have different choices, such as:


These are the most common type of dentures. They're made of a pink base that fits over your gums, with artificial teeth attached.

Acrylic dentures are less expensive than other types and can be made quickly, and they're also relatively easy to repair. However, they're not as durable as other dentures and can absorb food stains. They can also become loose over time, so extra attention must be given to them.


Porcelain dentures look more natural than plastic ones and are also more durable. They're made of a metal frame that's covered with porcelain teeth.

Porcelain dentures are more expensive than acrylic dentures and can take longer to make. They're also more challenging to repair, and their metal clasps can show when you smile.


Metal dentures are the most expensive option because they're made of metal throughout. They're strong and durable and don't show when you smile.

The main downside of metal dentures is that they're not as natural-looking as other types, and adjusting to them is tough. However, they offer superior protection, and maintenance isn't needed as much.


Getting a new pair of dentures is essential, especially if the ones you have are uncomfortable and don't look like your natural teeth. Since your dentures will be used for a long time, you must choose one that suits your needs. All that matters is getting a comfortable, durable pair that’s easy to maintain.

If you’re looking for denture replacements, Dental House MI can help you! We understand the value of oral health, so we provide comprehensive dental solutions to ensure you get the best dental care. Visit our website today to make an appointment!

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