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Healthy teeth can dramatically improve your mood, boost your confidence, and uplift your spirits. To get started in attaining strong teeth and gums, the first step you need to take is to learn how to brush your teeth.

While you are probably already brushing your teeth regularly, you should know that there is a proper way to do this. Failing to do this with a good technique can lead your teeth to look and feel clean but end up with many layers of plaque due to cavity buildup in hard-to-reach places. As a result, this can cause tartar accumulation and other serious oral health issues, such as gum damage and tooth decay. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to brush your teeth properly:

Step 1: Use the right tools and products

Choose a high-quality toothbrush and apply a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Remember to use a soft-bristled brush since hard bristles may damage your teeth, root surfaces, and gums. To ensure that you are using the right dental tools and products, you may consult our affordable dentists in Waterford for assistance.

Step 2: Place your toothbrush at the correct angle

Make sure you are covering every surface of your tooth above and below the gum line by placing your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle.

Step 3: Brush your teeth gently

Start brushing your teeth gently from back to front in a clockwise direction and move your toothbrush in a circular motion to clean your every tooth’s outer surface. Pay a bit more attention to cleaning under your gum line to prevent plaque and food debris accumulation.

Proceed to cleaning the insides of all your teeth and behind your back molars by repeating the same gentle brushing. As for the chewing surfaces of your teeth, scrub it gently with a back-and-forth motion. Finally, use your toothbrush’s tip and do an up-and-down sweeping motion to clean your front teeth.

Step 4: Clean your tongue

Clean the entire top of your tongue with your toothbrush using a gentle back-and-forth motion. You may also buy a high-quality tongue cleaner to remove remaining food particles and freshen your breath more efficiently.

Step 5: Rinse your mouth with water—or not at all

After brushing all your teeth, spit out any excess toothpaste and rinse your mouth with water. To further protect your teeth, consider not rinsing at all or wait at least 30 minutes before rinsing to let the fluoride work its wonders and help make your teeth healthier with its minerals.

Step 6: Use a mouthwash

Avoid rinsing away the fluoride from your toothpaste by using a fluoride mouth rinse right after brushing. You may seek help from our professionals who specialize in affordable dentistry to assist you in choosing the right mouthwash for you.

Step 7: Rinse off your toothbrush

Lastly, rinse off your toothbrush and store it upright in a dry and clean area. To ensure that your toothbrush stays effective in cleaning your teeth, replace it every 3-4 months.


Proper brushing of your teeth is the foundation of good oral health. This is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to ensure healthy teeth, gums, and mouth. Besides brushing your teeth, schedule regular oral examinations, and dental treatments according to your needs.

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