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If you enjoy talking to many people every day, you know that a good physical appearance is the most significant factor involved in creating a good first impression. This is the reason that you can’t let a missing tooth hurt not only your oral health but also your facial appearance. A missing tooth can destroy your social standing and potentially even your career.

Adult teeth and its limitations

Adult teeth are meant to last. Your body naturally made it easy for you as it made your tooth enamel harder than any other bones in your body, which is why you need to take care of it. Nevertheless, accidents do occur, and in some cases, a lost tooth is caused by tooth decay. There are also cases of unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as alcoholism and drug use. These are several reasons a tooth may grow weak and fall out.

Though your teeth may be harder than any bones in your body, they aren’t invincible. Persistent and untreated tooth decay can lead to a tooth falling out. Bacterial infections left untreated will also cause gum diseases to loosen the gum’s grip on your teeth. This results in an uncomfortable experience and an unsightly appearance. You’ll also develop chronic headaches brought by difficulty in chewing and talking. However, it doesn’t stop there.

The smile will be affected

A missing tooth will significantly affect the shape of your face. Not only will your smile change, but if you’re losing one tooth after another quite rapidly, the skin around your mouth will sag. This will make you look older and will probably cost you your career. Furthermore, your missing tooth will give you difficulty in speaking and eating, which will result in your loss of confidence and may lead to severe emotional consequences.

The dangers of missing teeth

Did you know that missing teeth can also increase your chances of getting an oral infection, which could spread to the rest of your body and cause severe complications? This is why it’s essential to learn the dangers of a missing tooth and how you can avoid it.

Dentists say that your oral health is the gateway to your overall health. As an adult, a key risk factor to one’s oral health is missing a tooth. With each tooth you lose, you put your oral health in danger. It can cause shrinking jawbones and receding gums, both of which will weaken the teeth on both sides of your missing tooth. A receding gum line can also create pockets where bacteria can flourish. Your adjacent teeth will then have difficulty with tooth decay and plaque buildup. In some cases, the neighboring teeth can grow into the gap, which will lead to crowded teeth.

Here is a list of the health complications you could potentially encounter as the result of a missing tooth:

Heart diseases such as stoke and clogged artery.

Endocarditis (an infection in the inner lining of your heart).

Premature birth for pregnant women who have gum disease.

Ways to Fix Missing Teeth

Fortunately, there are dental procedures that can address this problem right away.

1. Dentures

You can wear this dental apparatus when you wake up and remove it before you sleep. It is designed to fill the spaces caused by your missing tooth. It’s made from acrylic or metal and can be partial or complete.

2. Bridges

As its name suggests, it bridges the gap caused by your missing teeth. It’s made up of two or more crowns of teeth on either side of the hole, and a false tooth in the middle to be the artificial replacement of the missing tooth.

3. Implants

This is a more permanent solution to your missing tooth problem. It also feels more natural than dentures and bridges. The dentists will install titanium support into the jaw with a false tooth fitted on the support.


It’s better to avoid losing a tooth than trying to fix the damages caused by a missing tooth. Missing teeth can genuinely affect the aesthetics of your face, as well as the functions associated with it. Nevertheless, a missing tooth problem can be fixed.

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