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Straight teeth are not just coveted for their aesthetic appeal, but addressing dental problems like awkward misalignments, gaps, and severe bite issues is essential in maintaining your health. Beyond promoting a confident smile, orthodontic treatments ensure your teeth can function to their full potential since it impacts the way you eat, talk, and more.

Unfortunately, older adults are unwilling to undergo traditional orthodontic procedures such as metal braces since it can be disruptive to their routine and looks. Modern alternatives like Invisalign clear aligners offer the perfect solution since it works just like braces, only it offers more flexibility thanks to the clear, removable trays. However, is it the right option for all ages?

Invisalign for Different Ages

Invisalign for Young Children (Ages 6-10)

Children as young as six-years-old can start orthodontic treatments like Invisalign, particularly if they show initial signs of poor growth, jaw alignment, crowding, misplacing, bite problems, and more. Whatever the cause of the oral issues, dental procedures like Invisalign is the best option for kids, thanks to their minimally-invasive nature.

Metal braces can cause discomfort to a child and may compromise the growth of their permanent teeth, so dentists would only recommend going for the traditional route if all their baby teeth are gone. Granted, children will need constant monitoring and assistance to ensure they can stick to the treatment properly.

Invisalign for Teens (Ages 12-17)

Your early teen years are typically the optimal time to fix orthodontic problems since the jawbones are still pliable, making it easier to conduct corrective treatments using Invisalign. With this alternative, teenagers no longer have to undergo the “awkward” smile phase since the removable, clear aligners won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

While it’s tempting to take out the trays whenever you can, it’s important to keep them on for 22 hours as much as possible. It may test a young adult’s sense of discipline, but taking the trays out only during meal times and cleaning yields better results.

Invisalign for Adults (Ages 18 and above)

All forms of orthodontic treatment work faster for younger ages since their bones are still softer, but while adults have fully-developed bones and teeth, Invisalign can still yield success. Whether you’re in your roaring twenties or living your senior years, Invisalign can work wonders for fixing all kinds of oral complications.

Keep in mind that the dentist will need to evaluate your bone density and gum tissues to see if they are strong, though the treatment plan will still be effective. The only hitch is that the Invisalign treatment will take longer to complete.

The Bottom Line: Invisalign Treatments Work Well for Different Age Groups

If you’re struggling with orthodontic problems, don’t let your age keep you from enjoying a straighter, whiter, and healthier smile.

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