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The world of dental care can be described by most as one that’s filled with choices. You have to choose everything, from your dentist to your toothbrush and toothpaste. You’ve probably seen a bunch of different toothpaste commercials and related advertisements way too often, which just goes to show that there are a lot of options to choose from. However, what comes as a surprise to most people is that they have more decisions to make beyond what mouthwash they want to use. For instance, did you know that there are different types of dental floss?

There’s no doubt that flossing should definitely be a staple in every person’s dental routine. It’s responsible for removing any leftover food and bacteria between your teeth that your toothbrush can’t seem to reach. As different mouths have different needs, various companies and dental professionals created different types of floss that can cater to all kinds of people. These are available at your friendly neighborhood pharmacy, and you may find it hard to decide which of them to buy if you don’t know much about dental floss.

In order to help you tailor your oral care routine to your specific needs, we’ve prepared a dental floss buyer’s guide to help you make the right choice at the pharmacy:

What are the different factors to watch out for?

Every type of floss typically looks the same no matter how many “add-ons” they have. That said, they differ depending on the following factors which manufacturers often tweak in an effort to improve them:

- Flavours

- Coatings

- Sizes

- Thicknesses

- Textures

- Specialised uses

Different types of floss for every situation

Choosing a dental floss that can get the job done right ultimately depends on how you can make these elements work for you. However, you’ll most likely end up confused if you spend way too much time making sure every factor meets your needs. To help your purchase make sense, let’s look at the different dental problems you might have and what type of floss is best suited for each of them:

1. Sensitivity all over

For people who have sensitive teeth and whose gums are bleeding and swelling, adding flossing to their dental routine might seem like the worst thing in the world. Buying the wrong floss might make that true. Thankfully, flossing can be made bearable even if you have sensitive teeth and gums. All you need to do is choose a type of soft floss or wax-coated floss that can easily slip in the tight spaces between your teeth. With regular flossing and brushing, the sensitivity will eventually subside. Your gums will bleed less and go back to a pink and healthy state.

2. Teeth that are too tight

People with tight teeth often dread flossing because of how a single strand won’t be able to make it past a few sawing motions back and forth. Simply defined as a condition wherein one’s teeth are too close to each other, tight teeth can cause traditional floss to thin out, stretch, and shred in only a few seconds. This won’t only cause frustration, but it can also lead to gum tissue injuries if too much force is applied. The best floss for those with tight teeth is reinforced waxed floss that has a higher level of resistance to breaking. You can also use glide floss because of its specially-woven composition, which enables it to slide into the tightest of spaces.

3. Teeth with more space in between them

Contrary to tooth tightness, having teeth with slightly large gaps in between can be hard to deal with when flossing. To remedy the problem so you can floss thoroughly, “Superfloss” can help tremendously due to its stiffer string. Its soft and spongy component can gather plaque and food particles with ease.

4. Teeth with braces

A common misconception that most people have when it comes to braces is that you can’t floss if you have them, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Thanks to the effective research and development projects that have gone into flossing technology, most (if not all) companies offer specialised floss threaders that can get in between your teeth even with metal brackets in the way. These braces-friendly options will often come with a description that teaches customers how to use them.

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