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Even if you brush your teeth religiously, certain habits can still cause you to lose your teeth. Old habits die hard, which is why you need to know what you should change as far as your lifestyle is concerned. You also need to know what dire consequences you’ll have to suffer if you don’t.

1/ Using a hard-bristled toothbrush

Plaque is tough to remove, so it would seem logical to use a hard-bristled toothbrush to get rid of it. In reality, however, such brushes are more rigid than soft bristles, which means they won’t be able to dig out hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. Furthermore, it’s not just the hardness of the bristles that removes plaque. The amount of pressure you apply when you brush your teeth matters as well.


In addition, hard bristles can thin the enamel on your teeth, exposing them to increased risk of sensitivity. Your enamel is a tough layer of material that protects the more sensitive innermost layers of your teeth, such as the dentin the pulp. These soft, sensitive parts of your teeth have blood vessels and nerves that may become susceptible to heat, cold, and cavities if your enamel is too thin.

2/ Using commercial dental bleach too often

Over-the-counter whitening products can make your teeth pearly white, even if you don’t brush your teeth. People tend to prefer buying these products because they’re cheaper than having a professional dentist whiten their teeth more effectively and safely. But no matter how affordable these products are, the truth is you’re paying a hefty price by relying on them. You won’t see all the bad effects until it’s too late.


The chemicals in commercial dental bleaches are harsh, which can cause pits to form on your enamel. These pits can become vulnerabilities where cavities can take root in. These pits also become weak parts where your enamel can wear down, exposing the sensitive inner layers of your teeth. Exposure of the dentin and pulp will make your teeth sensitive, preventing you from enjoying your favourite food. At worst, the chemicals in the bleach can cause significant nerve damage, for which you may have to undergo an expensive root canal surgery. If you still want to eat your favourite food, consider stopping this habit. Go to downtown Ann Arbor and ask a dentist to whiten your teeth instead.

3/ Chewing on Ice

When some people drink iced drinks, they tend to chew the ice cubes or ice tubes like candy. They think that the ice will melt anyway and “soften” what they’re chewing. The summer heat can also make ice chewing a tempting habit. But chewing ice is just as problematic as chewing hard nuts and candy because of the pressure it will put on your teeth.


No matter how tough your enamel is, the immense pressures involved when you bite ice could cause your enamel to crack. Once your enamel cracks, it would never heal back. The danger of enamel cracking is so serious that the American Dental Association (ADA) has warned people not to chew ice cubes. If your teeth have porcelain crowns or veneers, they could get damaged as well.

Pregnant people and people with iron-deficiency anaemia are prone to this habit. If you are one of them, go to your family doctor and get treated.

4/ Drinking soda

Cold, sweet, and refreshing—this is the reason why so many people drink soda every day, to the point that it has become an unhealthy habit.


Read the label: your soda contains “carbonic acid” or “phosphoric acid,” both of which are corrosive enough to melt your enamel over time. This is regardless of whether or not your soda is diet or regular. Additionally, the sugar in soda can accumulate in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth, which will then serve as a breeding ground for bacteria.

5/ Visiting the dentist only once a year

The consequence of this habit is the most terrible of all: you will only find out that your teeth have been damaged when it’s too late. Save your smile by going to a dentist every month for a check-up. You can also ask them about other dental habits you need to kick to keep your teeth strong and healthy, and your smile vibrant.

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