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One's smile is often the first physical feature other people notice in a person. Unfortunately, many people choose to hide their smiles because they feel self-conscious about their yellow teeth. But do not be disheartened. There are many ways you can prevent your teeth from yellowing.

1. Avoid Drinking Beverages That Stain Teeth

Consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, dark sodas, and tobacco will hasten the yellowing of your teeth. These beverages contain high levels of tannins and other compounds that react with the proteins in the tooth.

Since tea is the most commonly drunk beverage worldwide, it is the biggest culprit for staining teeth. Tea contains a high level of tannins, which are compounds capable of binding with proteins and destroying the protective enamel layer. Tea drinkers tend to have very high levels of tannins in their saliva. This is why tea drinkers also tend to have darker-colored teeth.

Coffee and red wine can stain teeth in a similar manner to tea. Both contain tannins that attach to proteins in the teeth. Additionally, tobacco has a similar effect on the teeth by releasing tannins and causing tooth staining.

2. Replace Your Toothbrush Regularly

The bristles of a toothbrush have the potential of absorbing food particles and bacteria. These substances can quickly lead to the yellowing of teeth if the contaminated toothbrush is used over the course of several months. When the bristles are contaminated, they can transfer the particles onto the teeth. These particles can cause the teeth to take on a yellowish-brown hue.

To prevent yellow teeth, make sure to replace toothbrushes that are more than three months old. It is also a good idea to replace toothbrushes if they become frayed or worn because these can cause damage to the teeth. If a toothbrush becomes worn, it will not be able to clean surfaces as well as a new toothbrush. This can cause tooth decay and other oral health problems.

3. Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Consumption of sugar can cause tooth discoloration and increased risk of cavities. When sugar is consumed, bacteria in the mouth metabolize it. This process produces acids that can erode the tooth and cause cavities.

In addition to causing cavities, sugar can also make the teeth look yellow. When sugar is metabolized by the bacteria in the mouth, it produces a colorless compound called plaque. Plaque adheres to the surface of the teeth and eventually hardens. The process of plaque hardening creates a layer of yellowish-brown tartar on the teeth. This can turn the teeth off-white, yellow, or brown.

4. Get Regular Teeth Cleaning

To prevent yellow teeth from developing, get regular teeth cleanings at least twice a year. Professional teeth cleanings will remove surface stains as well as tartar buildup on the teeth.

Teeth cleanings are especially important for people who consume tea or coffee on a daily basis. While these beverages only react with the proteins on the tooth's surface, a buildup of tartar will cause the surface layer to be removed. This can cause the tooth to appear yellow and discolored.

Final Thoughts

Remember that prevention is the best medicine for yellow teeth. By avoiding the aforementioned beverages, reducing your sugar intake, replacing your toothbrush regularly, and getting regular teeth cleanings, you can help prevent yellow teeth from forming.

Prevent your teeth from yellowing with the help of Dental House MI. We are a local dental clinic that provides teeth whitening in Ann Arbor. At Dental House, we go the extra mile to provide an environment that is personable and welcoming. Make an appointment now!

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