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Losing a tooth or two can be challenging to deal with, whether you lost it due to an accident or from dental disease. Thankfully, dentists offer a variety of tooth replacement options to fit both your preferences and your budget.

Dealing with teeth replacement

Your dentist will do their best to give you a professional recommendation based on what treatment is best for your condition. However, it doesn’t hurt to educate yourself on what the different treatments are about.

If you want to know about your potential choices, here are three tooth replacement options for you to consider:

1. Fixed Bonded Bridges

This method is used to bridge the gaps in your smile through a dental bridge that’s held by abutment teeth surrounding the gap. Unlike traditional bridges that make use of dental crowns, fixed bonded bridges use a metal or porcelain framework that’s bonded on the back of the teeth, which makes for a natural treatment without any visible protruding attachments. Unlike braces or dentures, you won’t have to remove your fixed bridges when eating, and you’ll no longer have to remove them for cleaning.

2. Dental Implants

A popular solution for people who have lost a few teeth due to physical trauma is having dental implants. These replacements create a durable base for implanting fixed or removable teeth, depending on the person’s preference. It replaces that missing tooth's roots with strong titanium posts through a surgical procedure to secure the replacements in place.

Depending on your dentist, you can have the treatment done in one day or can opt for a series of sessions to make sure that they will look and feel natural after your gum’s surgical scars have healed. One benefit of dental implants is that it doesn’t rely on adjacent teeth to hold the replacements in place, making it an excellent option for a few teeth replacements.

Besides replacing missing teeth, full-arch dental implants are effective in providing a permanent solution to multiple lost teeth. This type of dental implant preserves your muscle tone and bone structure to accommodate a more comfortable experience when eating and talking. These are also the least noticeable when it comes to replicating the look and feel of natural teeth so that you won't feel awkward or shy when in public.

3. Partial Dentures

Traditional molds for dentures are bulky and can cause your bone to shrink and lead to the deterioration of your muscle tissue. Not only that, but dentures can also become loose over time, requiring you to have a replacement made unless you’re willing to get used to the growing difficulty of speaking with it.

The greatest benefit is that partial dentures are affordable when compared to dental implants or fixed bridges. This allows you to have a quick and easy solution if you’re not yet ready to have an invasive treatment to correct your teeth’s structure. However, remember that you need to take care of your dentures by removing and cleaning it with a water solution to prevent it from breaking due to wear and tear.


Depending on the state of your teeth, your orthodontist will give you a recommendation on what your replacement option should be. However, you may need to seek out several dental specialists to provide you with the best solution to your problem or to seek a second opinion. Before you commit to any treatment, especially if it’s an invasive procedure, make sure that you seek out different opinions on what would work best for your needs.

If you are looking for affordable dentistry in Ann Arbor, MI, to handle your tooth replacements, our dental experts at Dental House can give you the quality treatment that you deserve. Book a consultation with us today, and we’ll make sure that you receive professional service for your dental needs!

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