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An unfortunate advantage of wearing face masks is that you don’t have to worry about people noticing if you have bad breath. Although it saves you the public awkwardness, that doesn’t mean you should leave it untreated. If you can smell it inside your face mask, there’s a high chance that it has a more foul odor than what you might expect.

What you shouldn’t do to avoid having bad breath

The coronavirus pandemic requires all of us, infected or not, to go through life in masks. This is a preventative measure to minimize infection rates across the country. Although it may be slightly uncomfortable, it’s not without its perks. A mask will prevent people from knowing that you have bad breath. Coincidentally, it also lets you realize if you do have it. Bad breath can be the early sign of gum disease and other dental complications, which is why you should know how to remedy it.

If you want to avoid a nasty case of bad breath, here are three habits you should avoid:

1. Maintaining the bare minimum for your preventative dental care routine

Preventative dental care is an excellent way to avoid having bad breath. By developing healthy habits like brushing and flossing your teeth, you can prevent any bacteria buildup that can cause dental complications. Although you may regularly observe these habits, it won’t do anything if you don’t do it right.

It’s not enough to just brush your teeth; you should also brush your tongue and gums. Bacteria can be elusive by hiding in these places to cause bad breath. Don’t depend too much on your cosmetic mouthwash since its effects are only temporary. The best way to fight off mouth bacteria in the long term is to do it slow and steady with regular brushing habits.

2. Eating smelly food and drinks

The food we eat and the beverages we drink are some of the most common causes of bad breath. Dishes that contain plenty of garlic, fish, eggs, and onions are just some of the ingredients that can linger in your mouth. These usually contain sulfides that smell similar to rotten eggs.

Although mint gum might be a viable temporary solution, it may not be enough to handle some food’s effects. The sulfide in coffee and onions can stay in your bloodstream for up to 3 days after consumption. This causes you to have bad breath throughout that period. Thankfully, you can use other dishes to give you an organic remedy against bad breath. Food items like apples, lemons, and carrots stimulate your saliva production to wash away any impurities in your mouth.

3. Ignoring your allergies

Bad breath and flu-like symptoms go hand-in-hand because you have trouble using your nose. A sinus infection or respiratory illness will cause you to have a stuffy nose, which forces you to breathe more in your mouth, reducing saliva production. This prevents your mouth from flushing out any potential impurities through saliva, and leaves it susceptible to other contaminants that aren’t filtered through the nose.

Your sinuses causing postnasal drip inside your mouth can stay stuck behind your tongue. Since it’s an area that’s hard to reach with your toothbrush, bacterial growth can stay and remain there for a long time. Using a mouthwash with chlorine dioxide is one solution to eliminate the bacteria buildup that causes foul breath.


Although you won’t be attending many social events soon, making sure that you don’t have bad breath is a step towards better oral health. By avoiding the practices above and consulting with a reliable dental clinic, you can be free of the fear of second-guessing if your mouth is unhealthy or not.

Reaching out to a dentist is an excellent way to know your mouth’s condition and ask for suggestions on your oral routine. If you’re looking for affordable dentistry in Ann Arbor, our trained dental professionals can provide the solutions you need. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our different dental services.

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