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Like natural teeth, dentures are prone to acquiring damage and decay. Caring for them is a must, whether you’re wearing full dentures or partials. It will not only make them last longer but also keep your mouth looking and feeling its best. 

Here are five tips on how to maintain your dentures:

1. Know how to clean them

They may look like your real pearly whites, but dentures need extra steps aside from brushing to ensure their cleanliness. Once a day, soak them in warm water. Soaking prevents dentures from drying out and losing its shape. Make sure your water is not too hot, or this may damage their composition.

Then, give your dentures a proper brushing. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and make sure to reach all crevices to remove all food deposits. Avoid using regular toothpaste, as it may be too abrasive and cause tiny scratches. Your dentist may recommend a particular cleaning solution, or a mild liquid hand soap will do. Remember to rinse thoroughly before putting your dentures back in your mouth, as some solutions contain chemicals that may be harmful when swallowed.

2. Be extra gentle

Dentures tend to break easily, so be very careful when removing or wearing them. Store them in a safe spot, somewhere your pets or kids won’t be able to reach. When cleaning, handle them with care, and make sure you don’t bend any clasp or bracing. If you’re afraid of accidentally dropping them, spread out a small towel over the sink while cleaning your dentures.

3. Take care of your gums

Your gums’ and dentures’ condition go hand-in-hand. So while you make sure that your dentures are well-maintained, focus on caring for your gums as well. Rinse your mouth every time you take your dentures out. Even the most comfortable dentures can cause friction and stress on the gums, so be sure to give your mouth a breather. Once a day, remove your dentures for at least six hours. By failing to take care of your gums, you may develop sores or infections that will only get worse as you wear your dentures.

4. Check the fit regularly

Over time, your gums and bone structure may change, and you may feel that your dentures aren’t as comfortable as before. Ill-fitting dentures can cause gum irritations, so it’s necessary to have them re-aligned.

While there are DIY repair kits available in the market, never try to adjust or repair your dentures yourself. You may end up bending or breaking it altogether, and some over-the-counter glues contain harsh chemicals. If you notice any changes to your dentures’ fit, it’s best to see your dentist immediately.

5. Keep your dentist appointments

We are advised to have our teeth cleaned and checked once a year. If you have dentures, it is recommended to visit your dentist twice a year, or every six months. Don’t neglect these dental trips, because these are when your dentures are examined for proper fit. Your specialist should also check your gums for any infection and sores that could potentially be cancerous.

Follow these tips to avoid costly denture repairs and replacements. With proper care and attention, your dentures can last for a long time—giving you a perfect and healthy smile for the years to come!

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