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Experiencing a dental emergency is a stressful ordeal. Some serious issues involving the gum, jaw, mouth, and teeth can happen at any given time, and quick action is required. Normally, those who go through these types of dental emergencies will seek help from the first available dentist.

However, there are some factors that patients need to consider when choosing an emergency dentist. Carefully selecting one will not only save you money but also provides the best possible care and response.

Here are these factors:

The Dentist’s Track Record

During a dental emergency, the first thing that will put ease on the patient is to know that he or she can trust the dentist. One way to quickly check the dentist’s reputation is to visit the clinic’s Yelp, Google, or Facebook pages. If you’re the one experiencing the emergency, you can browse these pages and skim through the reviews.

A good reputation will put you in a calm state knowing that you’re on your way to get the best oral care treatment for your situation.

The Cleanliness and Quality of the Clinic

A good dentist values patient satisfaction and care, whether for an emergency or a scheduled check-up. Ask friends or family members for recommendations and inquire about the condition of the clinic. You want to go somewhere that is clean and equipped with all the necessary dental tools.

If you’re looking for an emergency dentist for children, make sure that the clinic has a friendly environment. Kids tend to be scared of going to the dentist, and you want them to feel safe and calm once they step inside the clinic.

How Long You Need to Wait

Picking a dentist with an updated, real-time scheduling platform is key. You don’t want to go to the clinic and suddenly find out that you have to wait for hours before being attended to.

If you want to make sure that you have a spot on the chair once you get to the clinic, call them beforehand. Choose a dentist who has broader working hours because the chances of them being available will be bigger.

The Clinic’s Location

An emergency needs to be treated right away, which means you have to go to the nearest possible clinic. If your emergency dentist has a clinic far from home, it could cause more complications.

Before experiencing any emergencies, it could be worth it to scout for dentists whose clinics are situated within a 30-minute driving radius. So when that time comes, you will be more than prepared.

Your Budget Range

One of the most frustrating things about dealing with emergencies is the financial part. You want to go to a dentist that offers services within your budget range, or at least go to someone who would consider payment in increments.


Picking a good emergency dentist is a decision that will save you from having a complete dental mishap. The factors mentioned above should be taken into consideration. Additionally, going to regular checkups will prevent future dental problems and build a strong relationship between you and the dentist.

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