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There are different types of cracked teeth situations that people face. It can either be a craze line, fractured cusp, split tooth, vertical root fracture, or a crack that extends into the gum line. Among these various circumstances, know that a craze line is a type of break that does not require any treatment because it is a mere crack in the enamel that does not cause pain.

For the other types of cracks, however, keep in mind that you will need proper dental treatment. If you have an existing cracked tooth or might have encountered one recently, you should seek immediate dental treatment.

In this article, we have listed four reasons you should have your cracked tooth fixed as soon as possible.

1. You have a fractured cusp.

A fractured cusp is one where your tooth gets a crack around a dental filling. The crack can initially appear as superficial because it does not affect the pulp of the tooth. It may not even cause much pain because the crack did not reach the center of the tooth where the nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels are located. Once the crack shows up, however, it might worsen due to the natural wear and tear of the tooth. For such situations, consult your dentist as soon as you can to get a recommendation on the right treatment.

2. You have a crack that extends into the gum line.

When you have a crack that is nearing or has reached the gum line, it is high time to go to the dentist for treatment. Know that a vertical crack that is already in the gum line can still be saved. Your dentist can give treatment options such as bonding, crown, or root canal depending on the size of the crack and where it’s located. However, when the crack of the tooth has already reached the gum line, you may require a tooth extraction. Before the crack worsens beyond recovery, you should set an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

3. You get a split tooth.

A split tooth happens when a tooth’s crack travels from the top surface to below the gum line, which can cause the tooth to be separated into two sections. Since the tooth is already divided into two, it’s highly unlikely for the whole tooth to be saved. If your dentist cannot find a way to save a portion of the tooth, they will likely have to extract the tooth to save you from the pain.

4. You have a vertical root fracture.

A vertical root fracture begins when the crack affects the tooth below the gumline and travels in an upward direction. Unlike a split tooth, a vertical root fracture does not cause the same painful symptoms. When an infection starts, however, you will start feeling pain. To prevent the spreading of the infection, your dentist might have to get your tooth extracted.


A cracked tooth might seem like a normal occurrence for some, but if it is not addressed properly, it can lead to serious consequences. A cracked tooth is a common condition that can result from chewing on hard foods or grinding on your own tooth. It can also happen if your teeth’s integrity has weakened as you naturally age. Regardless of the cause of cracked, remember that it is an issue that must not be taken lightly.

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