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Dentures exist to help people not only chew better but to look good as well. However, dentures that do not fit can cause more problems to your mouth than not having any in the first place. If you're wearing a denture and feel like they're about to come loose, get them replaced right away, or you will have to deal with the consequences.

That said, here are four common problems you will deal with when your dentures do not fit:

1. Trapped food

One of the most significant issues you'll face when your dentures don't fit properly is that food can get trapped easily. More specifically, food can get caught between your gums and dentures and can lead to two things. First, it can cause inflammation, which is very painful and will make it harder for you to chew your food. Second, plaque build-up is also caused by trapped food. It is good to note, however, that plaque build-up is sometimes inevitable. The only difference here is that with loose dentures, the build-up will be much worse and can even cause gum infections.

2. Might come loose

Your dentures will fall out or come loose if they don't sit correctly in your mouth. Although dentures falling out won't cause any physical harm, dentures that come loose during a conversation or eating in front of family and friends can be quite embarrassing. For some, this prospect can be far scarier than getting hurt physically, forcing them to miss out on group activities just because they're afraid of embarrassment.

3. Difficulty eating

If your dentures don't fit, eating will become a big hassle. You may find it difficult to eat certain types of foods or even painful at times, such as aching gums, from eating a piece of steak. Because of this, you may end up not chewing your food thoroughly, which will lead to many digestive issues such as acid reflux and indigestion. When you deal with such problems regularly, it can cause you to skip out on your favorite delicacies.

4. Shrunk jaws

Have you ever seen older folks with shrunk jaws? That's called "bone resorption." It happens when the body thinks that there is no point in supporting the jaw anymore because the mouth doesn't have teeth. As a result, the jawbone starts to become smaller. Unfortunately, once this happens, it is permanent. If you don't want to look old because of your shorter jaw, make sure that your dentures fit. Also, a jaw that keeps on shrinking won't contribute in any way in allowing your dentures to fit your mouth.

All of the above issues can be fixed by merely grabbing a pair of dentures that will fit snuggly in your mouth. Save yourself the shame of dropping your dentures during a party, or the pain of not being able to eat your favorite food anymore because of the pain you experience.

If you are dealing with loose dentures, get in touch with your local dentist immediately for a free consultation!

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