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Dentists generally recommend patients get their teeth cleaned every six months, amounting to twice a year. This timeline also lines up with most insurance companies’ coverage, as they can take care of two teeth cleanings a year, ultimately making it the standard that many patients follow. The chosen interval isn’t arbitrary; plaque begins to reform your teeth after six months, so it’s essential to keep the bacteria at bay by cleaning your teeth often.

However, some people may not need to clean their teeth regularly, getting by with an annual dental cleaning. Still, it’s best to have your teeth professionally cleaned, mostly if you eat lots of sweets, do not floss, do not brush your teeth twice a day, do not use water or toothpaste with fluoride, or you wear dental appliances like braces or dentures.

Here are four benefits of visiting your dentist for teeth cleaning regularly:

1. It Prevents Cavities

The most salient benefit of regular teeth cleaning is that it prevents cavities since it protects your enamel. Plaque-causing bacteria recolonize your teeth right after cleaning, hardening into plaque after a few months. Once it develops into plaque, it will target your enamel and eat away at it, allowing cavities to form.

Eating tons of sugar and starches increase your risk of developing cavities, as plaque-causing bacteria feed on sugar in particular. Although brushing and flossing every day will remove most of the plaque, some spots left. A professional cleaning will take care of all the sugar, plaque, and bacteria that brushing and flossing can’t.

2. It Stops Tooth Loss

Like cavities, professional cleaning also stops tooth loss in its tracks. Plaque tends to build up right under your gum line, thereby creating space between your gums and teeth. If the plaque isn’t removed, it ultimately loosens your tooth, causing it to fall out. Visiting Ann Arbor dental care regularly for dental cleanings stops the gap from forming since it removes plaque buildup, preventing it from damaging your teeth and gums.

You may notice that your gums are sore and even bleed if you haven’t visited your dentist for a cleaning in a while. That means that plaque has built up below your gum line, requiring you to have a more in-depth cleaning to excavate the plaque. Your dentist will then have to scale and plane your teeth to even your roots, ensuring that plaque won’t adhere to them.

3. It Reduces Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by bacteria, which lingers in your mouth if you don’t get your teeth cleaned often. However, with frequent dental cleaning, you’ll have much better breath. Plaque can also contribute to bad breath since it’s full of bacteria, making it difficult to remove on your own. Eliminating the plaque will kill and disperse the bacteria, taking care of the source of your bad breath until it accumulates again.

4. It Catches Problems Before They Worsen

Another benefit of visiting your Waterford dentist for a good cleaning twice a year is that it doubles as a checkup. Your dentist will scrutinize your mouth for minor dental issues, recommending courses of action to take before they progress and get worse. For instance, you may have a chipped molar without realizing it, leading to a painful cavity.


Two dental cleanings a year is the standard for enjoying healthy gums and bright, clean teeth. They also prevent painful issues that tend to worsen when left unchecked since your dentist will have a regular look at your teeth. With these four benefits, getting your teeth cleaned is always worth it!

Dental House MI offers high-quality, comprehensive, and affordable Ann Arbor and Waterford dental care. We provide many services to keep your teeth nice and healthy, like preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, oral surgery, and many more. Contact us today to book your next dental cleaning!

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