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3 Ways to Prevent Wear on Your Teeth - Our Guide

Did you know that even if you go to your dentist for regular dental checkups and have a generally healthy oral care routine, you can still put your teeth at risk for unnecessary wear? Worn teeth are usually weaker. Because of this, they are less able to resist issues that cause toothaches and other dental problems that may warrant emergency dental visits.

The tooth enamel is known to be the strongest substance in the human body. It refers to the semi-clear, hard outer layer that protects the teeth from wear. Thanks to the enamel, your teeth don’t feel extreme heat and cold when you consume hot or cold foods and drinks. It also keeps chemicals and acids from destroying the teeth.

However, the enamel may erode, and when it does, your teeth become exposed and susceptible to cavities, decay, and damage. Your teeth will also begin to be sensitive enough to feel discomfort or pain as you eat or drink hot and cold foods and drinks.

Aside from regular and proper brushing and flossing, here are other ways to prevent wearing your teeth out.

Don’t chew things you shouldn’t chew.

This may sound like a piece of advice you’d give to a child, but it also applies to people of all ages. Do you have the habit of chewing your straw? How about the end of your pen? Do you bite your fingernails when you get bored or anxious? You may not think that these harm your teeth, but they do over time. Chewing on solid and hard materials will wear down your tooth enamel.

Many people also enjoy chewing ice without knowing that it can damage the teeth as well. If you can’t get off the habit of chewing, chew sugar-free gum instead.

If your dentist advises you to wear a nightguard, do it!

If you tend to clench or grind your teeth, which is technically known as bruxism, your dentist will likely recommend you wear a nightguard. This device keeps you from grinding and clenching your teeth when you sleep.

Bruxism can affect your teeth and jaws. Just imagine, on average, a human can release about 160 pounds of force when they chew or bite down. When you clench your teeth, that’s how much pressure they are forced to endure for a prolonged period.

Bruxism can lead to tooth sensitivity and enamel erosion. The nightguard will protect your teeth and keep you from clenching them.

Avoid acidic foods and drinks.

Acid is the teeth’s major enemy. Acid can eat through the strong enamel, exposing the softer inner surface of the teeth. As a result, bigger cavities are created, giving bacteria a spot to hide and thrive. If you keep on eating and drinking acidic food and drinks, you can expect your teeth to get damaged sooner than later. Citrus fruits, wine, soda, coffee, pickles, tomatoes, and even cranberries are all acidic foods. It’s alright to consume them every once in a while, make sure you brush your teeth well after eating them.

If you’re looking for a local dentist to help you with your dental health, get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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