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Your dentist plays an essential role in maintaining your oral health. They work on cleaning, fixing, and preventing further tooth and gum problems to keep your mouth in tip-top shape.

Aside from your oral health, however, dentists can also help assess health issues of the rest of your body. Many people do not know that their dentists can actually determine health symptoms just by looking at their mouths. This is because the mouth is located near the central nervous system, which decides all other bodily functions. As a result, if you have a problem with other parts of your body, the state of your mouth can also determine other unseen conditions in your body that will be detected by the dentist.

Read on below to find out the three surprising information that your dentist can help reveal about your health.

1. You may have an eating disorder.

Some signs and symptoms of struggling with an eating disorder are the constant vomiting and skin discoloration or paleness from the lack of nutrition. During the dental procedures, your dentist can check the level of dryness of your mouth, tooth erosion, or gum bleeding. These issues are often symptoms of malnutrition and a possible eating disorder.

With extreme malnutrition, you may end up with other severe health problems such as gingivitis, or if not treated early, you may even risk losing your teeth. An eating disorder is a severe psychological problem, which requires you to seek advice from your physician or a therapist so that you can plan for proper treatments.

2. You may have oral cancer.

Oral cancer is a severe and life-threatening disease if not treated early. Your dentist may help in the initial stages of screening for oral cancer, as it can show symptoms inside your mouth, tongue, or lips. It can also be evident through bleeding inside your mouth or through loose teeth.

Usually, to confirm any type of cancer, one needs to undergo a series of tests such as an MRI or a biopsy. However, you can also heed the advice of your dentist as they check for early signs and symptoms. Early detection can help in increasing your survival rate by remedying the disease early on.

3. You may be pregnant.

Did you know that your dentist may find out about your pregnancy even before you do? If your dentist notices signs of gingivitis or pyogenic granuloma, they may suggest that you test yourself for pregnancy. An episode of excessive bleeding may also be a telltale sign of your pregnancy.

If you are confirmed pregnant, you must inform your dentist right away. They can help you safeguard your developing fetus by using practical tools that will secure it from x-rays and scans during the dental procedures. There are also other paraphernalia they can use, such as a lead apron or thyroid guard.


Your dentist has a trained eye for assessing signs and symptoms of poor health from the inside of your mouth. Upon a careful review of your teeth, your mouth can show negative signs that will indicate your health conditions. It is an excellent practice to have regular dental check-ups with your family doctor as well as your dentist at least twice a year.

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