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Full and Partial Dentures (Same Day)

Full and Partial Dentures (Same Day)
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Full and Partial Dentures (Same Day)

Complete Dentures

A complete set of dentures (or full dentures) are completely removable, and you can elect to have just the upper or lower set of teeth replaced. However, they are bulkier than other types of dentures, and they may have to be relined occasionally.

A complete set may be required when there has been serious damage to your natural teeth. This is more than just replacing one or two teeth – this is a full mouthful of teeth. They fit snugly over the gum and are kept in place either through suction or using an oral adhesive.

Partial Dentures

Used when there is more than just a tooth or two missing. They are a good alternative to dental bridges and tend to be the most affordable option. Partials are fitted onto your gums and fastened to your remaining teeth, so they are more secure to make eating easier.

Immediate & Overdentures

Immediate dentures are very different from permanent models, they are put in place while your mouth is being prepared for the permanent set. The advantage here is that they are easier to refit and can be adjusted as your mouth starts to heal. Once you are ready for the permanent set, they can be disposed of.

Overdentures are used in the case where conventional dentures would be uncomfortable, or if you do still have some teeth. They’re placed over the tooth’s root or implants. They can be removed easily.

Dental Services Offers

$1,000 Off Teeth Braces for Just $500 Down and $145/M in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti (Ypsi), Washtenaw, Michigan by Dental House

Dental Services Offers & Discounts

$1,000 Off Braces for Just $500 Down & $145/M

$500 Down and &145/monthly for 24 months This includes ALL orthodontic treatment even if the process takes longer than two years.  Includes bite corrections, braces, retainers...

Free Electric Toothbrush with Teeth Cleaning Service in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti (Ypsi), Washtenaw, Michigan

Dental Services Offers & Discounts

Free Electric Toothbrush

Free Electric Toothbrush for new patient after complete deep cleaning

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