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Pediatric Dentistry Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti

At Dental House, we love watching our patients’ smiles grow and develop. We believe it’s never too early to start teaching your little ones about how to care for their teeth! Read below to learn more about Ann Arbor's best pediatric dentistry services or call us at (734) 999-9909.

When to Start

It all begins with routine dental cleanings and exams. We recommend starting care on a child’s first birthday (after the sugar-free cake, of course). This allows our team of Ann Arbor pediatric dentists to monitor for tooth decay and any other potential challenges and catch them early.

The sooner a potential problem is identified, the quicker it can be addressed and resolved. This leads to more economical solutions and can also potentially save your child from more advanced and invasive procedures later in life. As your local family dentist, we're conveniently located between Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor to better serve you and your children!

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Colored Kids Fillings

At Dental House, we use tooth and rainbow-colored fillings for both pediatric and adult fillings. We believe that your child’s smile should look as natural as possible. We never want them to stop grinning from ear to ear because they’re worried someone will see a filling in their mouth!

Stiving to be Ann Arbor's best pediatric dentistry, our dentists, assistants, and staff understand the importance of creating an easy and relaxed atmosphere during your visits. This is why we make sure our patients feel no discomfort during treatment.

Baby Teeth Monitoring

Just because baby teeth eventually fall out doesn’t mean they should be neglected. We actively monitor baby teeth for signs of decay and cavities. Healthy teeth are vital for speech development, self-esteem and pain avoidance.

You too can have expert dentistry services for your child's oral health. Contact us now to get connected to our experts!

Baby Teeth Treatments

We recommend twice-yearly cleanings to maintain a healthy smile. During each visit, we may recommend a fluoride treatment to help strengthen teeth. When cavities are detected, we use tooth-colored fillings. On rare occasions, a pediatric crown may be recommended if the tooth is too small or damaged for a traditional filling.

Regular Dentist visits are important for evaluating and improving the dental condition of your children. Call us at (734) 794-3649 to schedule your Appointment and get affordable Ann Arbor pediatric dentistry services!

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