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Ann Arbor Oral Surgery

No one loves the idea of getting oral surgery, which is why the team at Dental House strives to make the procedure as quick and painless as possible. Our skilled team ensures that you’re informed about the procedures and know what to expect before moving forward.

The Dental House Difference

You’ve probably never heard of a dentist office compared to a spa retreat, but at Dental House our goal is to make you feel pampered and comfortable for the entirety of your office visit, whether you’re here for a routine cleaning or a surgical procedure.

We know that people often feel anxiety when visiting the dentist. That’s why we offer hot towels and even paraffin wax treatments to help you relax and feel more like you’re at the spa than the dentist.


Most people need to have their wisdom teeth removed because there simply isn’t enough room in the jaw for them to come in cleanly. This isn’t an evolutionary mistake; it’s due to the fact that the typical modern diet doesn’t contain the nutrients to allow for our jaws to fully develop. Therefore, it’s rare that a patient won’t need a wisdom tooth extraction.

All Surgical Extractions

Surgical tooth extractions are the most common surgical procedure performed in the US. In some cases, a dentist can remove the tooth with forceps alone, but in some situations, the case isn’t that simple. A surgical extraction may be needed when a tooth is partially broken or when the tooth is buried in the gum line.

Intraoral Soft Tissue Surgeries

Soft tissue surgery may be needed if the health of the gum tissue is subpar. This is especially true for the prosthetics like veneers, dentures, and bridges. Some of these procedures include soft-tissue grafts, gum tissue reshaping, and crown-lengthening procedures.

Sedation & Nitrous (Laughing Gas)

Depending on your scheduled treatment, you may prefer to be sedated before the procedure, or you may elect to receive nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Regardless of which you and your dentist choose, you’ll be able to undergo your treatment completely pain-free.