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Imaging and Radiology

Our office utilizes the latest advances in technology for digital imaging and x-rays during general dental checkups and more advanced cases. This allows us to analyze and diagnose our patients’ cases with more precision and speed than ever before. Less time spent in our office means more time enjoying your life!

Advanced Dental Diagnostics & Treatment

The Dental House staff is certified, expertly trained, and above all friendly and personable. We use the most advanced imaging and radiology technology available, allowing us to detect and diagnose conditions at their earliest stages which leads to treatments that are less invasive with minimized costs.

Another benefit of our advanced diagnostic and treatment technology is fewer visits to our office which means better oral health for the entire family. Our in-house staff and equipment work quickly so you can resume your normal schedule and spend less time worrying about your teeth.

dental x-rays

2D and 3D X-Ray Imaging

Imagine getting a full smile makeover without undergoing a procedure! With our in-house digital imaging, we can give you a digital makeover, so you can see what you’d look like and even help design your own smile!

Oral and Dental CT Scans

A CT Scan (also known as a CAT Scan) takes special x-rays from multiple angles. This allows the dentist to see every inch of your mouth and get a complete picture, not only of the bone, but also the tissues, gums, and even blood vessels and muscles. We use this technology to gather information and diagnose a wide variety of ailments including injuries, gum disease, inflammation and even cancer.

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