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Fluoride Protection for Your Teeth

Chances are you've at least heard the word fluoride by now. It's in most toothpaste and even added to some local water supplies, but what is fluoride? What does it do? Is it something you really need? Let's take a look.

What Is Fluoride Treatment for Teeth?

What was once an arduous and difficult treatment procedure, is now easy and beautifully effective thanks to the Zoom! Advanced Power teeth bleaching system. Few dental specialists are certified to offer this cutting-edge treatment, and we are thrilled to be able to offer this service to our community.

If you’ve always wanted a brighter smile, now is the time. One treatment can make all the difference. As you offer your friendly, generously given smile to those around you, you’ll not only brighten their day, you’ll feel the joy a smile brings.

Fluoride Protection For Your Teeth

Is Fluoride Safe?

In standard doses, fluoride is perfectly safe. At higher doses, it can be problematic. You risk toxicity developing, and it could stain your teeth. That’s why it’s essential to speak to our dentist about the correct fluoride treatment.

We’ll evaluate the situation in terms of your age, body weight, and individual issues, and then choose the perfect dose to keep you and your teeth healthy.

Are fluoride treatments safe? As long as you go to a properly qualified dentist, they are. It’s also pretty simple – our dentist will use a rinse, gel, varnish, or foam. This will be applied all over your teeth.


You can then go about your day as normal—just don’t eat or drink anything for at least half an hour after the treatment.

Keeping Your Teeth White and Healthy

Fluoridation is an excellent way to keep your teeth white and healthy. It's an excellent adjunct to your regular annual or bi-annual cleaning session. Once our dentist or dental hygienist has cleaned and descaled your teeth, they’re in a perfectly receptive state for fluoride treatment.

Wrapping It Up

There has been some negative media attention when it comes to fluoride over the last few years. While we agree that it needs to be treated with care, it is safe when used within normal parameters, and offers serious benefits to your overall oral health. If you have further concerns about the safety of fluoride, or perhaps are not sure if it’s in our local water supply, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions.

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