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One of the most transformational improvements you can make to your appearance doesn’t require invasive procedures or surgeries. A bright white smile can give you a whole new look, reduce any self-conscious worries you have about stained or yellowed teeth, and encourage you to smile more often.

Whiten Your Smile at Dental House

What was once an arduous and difficult treatment procedure, is now easy and beautifully effective thanks to the Zoom! Advanced Power teeth bleaching system. Few dental specialists are certified to offer this cutting-edge treatment, and we are thrilled to be able to offer this service to our community.

If you’ve always wanted a brighter smile, now is the time. One treatment can make all the difference. As you offer your friendly, generously given smile to those around you, you’ll not only brighten their day, you’ll feel the joy a smile brings.

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Zoom! Advanced Power Teeth Whitening

Zoom! Advanced Power teeth whitening is the fastest and most effective teeth bleaching system on the market today. This treatment takes place in office by specialists certified by Zoom!

Using a layer of gel bleach to cover both the top and bottom teeth, the Zoom! Advanced Power teeth whitening system quickly bleaches the teeth by shining a blue plasma light on the teeth to activate the whitening effect. After one treatment, your teeth immediately brighten an average of 8 to 12 shades.

The beauty of the Zoom! Advanced Power treatment option is its speed and efficiency. Conducted in only two hours, patients are often astounded by the enormous difference made in only a few hours.

In the past, most whitening treatments were conducted at home. These were imprecise and time consuming. With gel set inside a standard sized tooth mold, the actual bleaching process took two weeks of nightly treatments. The effects faded quickly and required tremendous upkeep.

Zoom! Advanced Power is far simpler, and produces brighter and more permanent results.

After Treatment: Maintaining Your White Smile

Maintenance following a Zoom! Advanced Power teeth bleaching treatment is simple and straightforward. First of all, keep up a regular brushing and flossing routine. That is, as always, most important.

Once you’ve received one treatment, your teeth will always be brighter than they were prior to treatment. However, to keep the whitening effect as bright as possible, you will go home with customized trays and Nite White gel for occasional touch-ups.

It’s unlikely that you will notice any significant change in the brightness of your teeth. However, if you’re a smoker, it’s likely that you will need more frequent touch-up treatments with your at home trays and Nite White gel. In fact, weekly treatments are recommended.

If you’ve had other dental procedures that include fillings or crowns, be advised that the Zoom! Advanced Power treatments will not brighten them like your natural teeth. Many patients opt to have the Zoom! Treatment and then match the unmatched teeth with veneers or new crowns.

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Don’t wait another minute to schedule a consultation for Zoom! Advanced Power teeth whitening treatment. You deserve the happiness a beautiful smile will bring to your life.

Come see us and experience the friendly, welcoming environment of Dental House. We’re committed to understanding your unique desires and offering you a treatment process that fulfills them.

Our staff is well qualified, thorough, and absolutely dedicated to your satisfaction. So pick up the phone or drop by to schedule an appointment that suits your busy schedule. We’d love to meet you, share our smiles, and make yours a little brighter.

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