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The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Are you looking to have your teeth whitened? Are you interested in finding out a bit more about how to get whiter teeth in general?   If you want to learn how to whiten them your self-checkout our guide.

Teeth whitening is one of the most transforming cosmetic dentistry methods in its price range. It’s an easy and affordable way to look younger instantly.

Our facility utilizes the latest dental bleaching techniques allowing us to help you whiten your smile. We are specialists in an exciting new teeth whitening system, Zoom! Advanced Power. This is a revolutionary procedure that uses bleach gel and blue plasma lighting to activate bleaching effects.

Deciding to put aside a little time to whiten your teeth pays off in a satisfying way when friends and family go wild over how great your smile is. Your beautiful smile is the first thing that people notice about you, and by booking a dental bleaching consultation, you’ll definitely have something to smile about.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Why do we need teeth whitening in the first place? On a microscopic level, the enamel that makes up the outer layer of your teeth is porous. Foreign material, such as red wines and food dyes, accumulate over the years and eventually sink deeply into the enamel’s tiny grooves and ruts, leading to permanent staining.

It is possible to remove some of this staining by brushing with an abrasive or whitening toothpaste. Your family dentist or oral hygienist can clean away this film by scraping the enamel as well. Unfortunately, this staining often accumulates faster than brushing and scraping can remove it.

This is why specialized teeth whitening procedures are essential. Our dentist will apply bleaching chemicals that penetrate past the coating of stains on your teeth and into your enamel. There it sets off a chemical chain reaction called oxidation that breaks up the staining compounds.

A very mild form of bleaching agent is used that begins this oxidization as a result of activation with high-intensity light. The entire process can take as little as 2 hours.

Other Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Besides the undeniable cosmetic benefits, there are other positive advantages to have your teeth whitened. While you are at the dentist, a more extensive assessment of the health of your teeth and gums can be done at the same time.

Our dental experts will address any other dental concerns you may have and advise you on the best way to achieve any improvements you feel might be necessary to complete your journey towards perfect teeth. Starting to whiten your smile is a positive step towards complete cosmetic dental health.

Considerations for Teeth Whitening

Some things to consider before, during, and after having your teeth whitened:

  • Many foods should be avoided as they lead to further staining of your teeth such as Bolognese, candies, soy sauce, and fruits like blueberries and pomegranates.
  • Drinks such as red wine, tea, coffee, and berry-based fruit juices are best avoided as well.
  • A good rule of thumb is to avoid the consumption of any edible that would stain a white shirt.

If you already consume any of the above regularly, no worries. Schedule a procedure to have your teeth whitened in Ypsilanti today.

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